Zoom Intergration

Coubic provides an integration feature with Zoom. With this feature, you can generate Zoom meetings automatically when bookings are made.


Automatically setup Zoom meetings when new appointments are made on Coubic, and notify Zoom meeting information to both merchants and attendees via Email.

Possible to add / delete Zoom meetings to / from each existing reservation manually by using Coubic's console.

Multiple ways to generate meeting IDs:

  • Per reservation
  • Per time slot. Support allocating the same meeting ID with multiple attendees.

With our Zoom integration, you can save even more time by automatically generating video conferencing links when new meetings are scheduled. Add links to confirmation and reminder emails so everyone knows how they can join Zoom meeting when the meeting starts.


You need to have one active Zoom account with Admin role. To create it, please go to https://zoom.us/signup before starting integration steps.

How to set up

  1. Login to our appointment service on your web browser with your coubic account.
  2. Open "Menu" from top navigation bar, then click "Account" to open account management page.
  3. Click on "Zoom" link located at "3rd Party Integration" section on left navigation page to open Zoom integration setup page.

  4. Integrate Zoom with Coubic
    Tap on 'Connect' button, then you'll be asked to authorize permission to access your Zoom account from Coubic.

    After you authorized the app, status becomes `Connected`. Now you're ready to create Zoom meetings from Coubic.

How to add Zoom meetings to appointments

Go to booking detail page of an existing appointment.

Now you can see "Online Meeting" section. Also you can see a table row named "Zoom Meeting ID" with "Create" button.


By clicking on the "Create" button, you can create a Zoom meeting for this appointment. You'll see meeting ID and password created.


How to join


As a host, you can launch Zoom client by clicking on the meeting number displayed on the booking detail page. Also you receive a notification mail that contains meeting information.



Attendees receive meeting information via email sent from coubic. Meeting information contains meeting No., password and an url to connect Zoom meeting directly.

How to remove a Zoom meeting from an appointment

You can delete online meeting by clicking on "Delete" indicated at right side of the meeting number.



How to disconnect from Zoom

Go to Zoom integration setup page.

By clicking "Disconnect" button, you can disconnect from Zoom.



  • Q. "Status" is "Pended" and can not create Zoom meetings from Coubic
    • A. Because of some reasons, connection between Coubic and Zoom is unlinked. Try reconnecting to Zoom by clicking on "Refresh Connection".


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